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Putin says world at ‘turning point’ in Moscow Victory Day speech


  1. Russia holds slimmed-down Victory Day parade
  2. Putin says Russia in sacred fight
  3. Putin says West has forgotten lessons of WW2
  4. Putin cheers for victory

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the troops fighting in Ukraine during the Victory Day parade in Moscow. In his speech, Putin said that the security of the country lies on the officers fighting in Ukraine and that the future of Russia relies on them. He also faulted the West for starting the conflict and said that Russia must defend itself from “global terrorism.”

Putin added that a “real war” has been unleashed against Russia, and the conflict in Ukraine has pushed the global community to the limit. Putin compared the conflict in Ukraine to the challenge Moscow faced when Adolf Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

During the Victory Day parade, which was held in a slimmed-down version, Putin cheered for the victory and said that Russians were joined in a “holy” battle with the West over Ukraine that would end in triumph.

Putin criticized the US and its allies, saying that they have forgotten the Soviet victory over the Nazis in World War II. Putin has repeatedly portrayed the conflict in Ukraine as a defensive move against a West that wants to divide Russia.

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Ukraine-Russia war most recent: Putin says Russia should shield itself from ‘global illegal intimidation’ at Triumph Day March

The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, questioned the Kremlin’s ability to defend the country, as Ukraine prepares for a spring offensive. Prigozhin said that Russian soldiers were “escaping” the military, and the defense ministry was “plotting constantly.” He claimed that Ukraine was hitting Russian border areas effectively, and the state was not able to protect its country.

The Ukrainian air force reported that it caught 23 of 25 missiles fired at the country, most of them sent off by Russian strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea region. In Dnipro, central Ukraine, loud explosions were heard at around 10 PM, as air defense systems engaged incoming missiles.

Eight missiles were fired at the region, seven of them at the city itself. One rocket struck the top of a four-story apartment block and entered as deep as the third floor, seriously damaging several homes. One woman was taken to the hospital with spinal and brain injuries.

Putin’s speech during the Victory Day parade caused a stir among the global community, and several questions were raised about the security of the event. However, the Kremlin never confirmed that planes would not be deployed at the parade. Last year, the parade was canceled due to weather patterns, although similar weather conditions did not prevent it in the past.

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Putin says Russians are united in ‘sacred’ battle with West over Ukraine

Analysis by The Message’s Russia Reporter, Nataliya Vasilyeva, suggested that Putin’s speech at the parade emphasized the country’s existential fight, and he compared it to the losses sustained during the Nazi invasion.

The Russian president then delivered a furious outburst about Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Putin has been known to portray the conflict as a defensive move against the West’s perceived intentions to divide Russia.

In conclusion, Putin’s speech at the Victory Day parade has sparked a debate among the global community. He emphasized Russia’s role as a defensive actor in the conflict in Ukraine and criticized the West for its alleged attempts to divide Russia.

Meanwhile, the head of the Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, raised concerns about the state’s ability to protect its citizens from Ukraine’s spring offensive. The conflict in Ukraine continues to raise tensions between Russia and the West, with no end in sight.

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