Over 6,000 flee Karabakh, jamming roads

Russia tells Armenian PM: you are making a big mistake

Senior US officials travel to Armenia

Turkey’s Erdogan meets Azerbaijan’s Aliyev

To discuss Karabakh, gas and Nakhchivan

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Nonna Poghosyan spent Monday early daytime strolling around her family home in Nagorno-Karabakh “attempting to comprehend what to take, what is the main stuff I can squeeze into my bag.”

Her kid twin youngsters had been higher up, concluding which of their effects they would need to abandon. “They weep for each toy,” Poghosyan, the American College of Armenia’s program facilitator in the locale’s capital Stepanakert, told Media.

Poghosyan and her family are going to join the a large number of individuals escaping Nagorno-Karabakh for Armenia, days after Azerbaijan sent off a lightning hostile and said it had reclaimed full control of the breakaway district, starting a mass departure of the locale’s 120,000 ethnic Armenians.

In excess of 6,500 individuals had shown up in Armenia from Nagorno-Karabakh by 5 p.m. neighborhood time (9 a.m. ET) Monday, the Armenian unfamiliar service told Media.

As a lot more were endeavoring to escape the territory on Monday night, neighborhood media detailed a “exceptionally strong” blast at a corner store close to Stepanakert, where individuals had been endeavoring to get fuel prior to heading to Armenia.

The episode left north of 200 individuals harmed, a significant number of them seriously, as indicated by provincial ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan.

“Because of the blast in the fuel stockroom, the quantity of harmed surpasses 200. The ailment of the larger part is serious or very extreme,” Stepanyan said on X, taking note of that “the clinical limits of Nagorno-Karabakh are sufficiently not.”

Azerbaijan’s brief yet horrendous hostile last week killed in excess of 200 individuals and harmed some more, before Karabakh authorities consented to a Russia-expedited truce in which they consented to break down their military. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said Baku had reestablished its power over the area “with an iron clench hand.”

Ethnic Armenians escape Karabakh after breakaway area’s loss

The Karabakh administration let Reuters know that most of Karabakh Armenians would have rather not live in Azerbaijan and that they would leave for Armenia. Azerbaijan has said it will ensure the privileges of those living in the area, however Armenian State leader Nikol Pashinyan and worldwide specialists have over and over cautioned of the gamble of ethnic purifying of Armenians in the territory.

“Our kin would rather not live as a feature of Azerbaijan. 99 point nine percent like to leave our noteworthy grounds,” David Babayan, a counsel to Samvel Shahramanyan, the leader of the so called Republic of Artsakh, told Reuters.

Poghosyan Media she didn’t know about a solitary family who was wanting to stay in Nagorno-Karabakh. “Assuming that they say 99.9, it’s bogus. It’s 100 percent,” she said.

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

Nagorno-Karabakh, an ethnic Armenian-greater part breakaway area, has been the reason for two conflicts among Armenia and Azerbaijan in the beyond thirty years. Azerbaijan sent off a 24-hour attack on the locale in on September 19 2023, preceding ethnic Armenian powers consented to a Russia-handled truce that saw them disband their military. Azerbaijan said it had retaken full control of the area that very day.

Azerbaijan has for some time been express about the decision that stands up to Karabakh Armenians. The people who decide to stay should acknowledge Azerbaijani citizenship. The individuals who don’t should leave.

Anna Ohanyan, a senior researcher in the Russia and Eurasia program at the Carnegie Enrichment for Global Harmony, Media that there is “no doubt” that Azerbaijan would utilize force against the people who endeavored to remain and dismiss rule from Baku.

“On the off chance that the Armenian people group won’t leave, yet additionally won’t take up Azerbaijani travel papers, I feel that essentially would be self-destructive,” Ohanyan said.

In excess of 100 bodies have been recuperated in the most recent hunt and salvage activities following Azerbaijan’s tactical tasks, Karabakh crisis administrations told Armenpress.

Among the bodies were two youngsters and an old few, authorities said. all of medias couldn’t freely check the cases.

Pictures shared via virtual entertainment showed inhabitants of Stepanakert, the locale’s capital, pressing their effects into vehicles and vans, and looking for gas. The area had been barred by Azerbaijan-upheld activists for quite some time, causing persistent deficiencies of food, medication and fuel.

Huge number of ethnic Armenians escape Nagorno-Karabakh after breakaway area’s loss

Video Source : Aljazeera

The vast majority of those escaping Karabakh were ladies, kids and the older, the delegate city chairman of the Armenian town of Goris, Irina Yolyan, told Armenpress Monday. Goris lies near the boundary among Armenia and Azerbaijan, close to the Lachin hall – the main street associating the territory to Armenia.

The street has been somewhat opened, to permit individuals to escape to Armenia, as per Poghosyan.

Poghosyan told Media she is intending to leave on Tuesday, alongside her significant other, nine-year-old twin youngsters, guardians and grandma. Them seven would have left sooner, however were cautioned that traffic out and about implies many have been stuck for a really long time, with thousands attempting to escape as of now.

While she and her kids started figuring out their assets, her dad had joined the long queue for fuel. “The public authority let us know we can get five liters free of charge,” said Poghosyan. “Yet, they say the line is so immense, the traffic, that perhaps we will require more and this won’t be sufficient.”

She said her youngsters had been “shocked” by the shelling of Stepanakert, which started as they were heading back home from school. Her better half had figured out how to find them in the city and take them to a reinforced hideout, where her family concealed for the time being Tuesday.

After the underlying shock, the end of the week had brought lucidity, she said, as her kids comprehended they would need to express farewell to their home. “I was amazed the way that they would be able… figure out everything,” said Poghosyan.

“Today, they took their markers, and they went to their rooms, and they painted on their walls. They drew holy places, crosses, a few words, as ‘Artsakh, we love you. We will always remember you. We would rather not lose you, our homeland.'”

The Armenian government said it was giving convenience to every one of the individuals who didn’t have a spot to remain, as per Armenpress.

“I realized Artsakh was a contention domain. I knew, in light of the fact that I’ve gone through four conflicts as of now. However, who realize that the end could be so heartbreaking? Like, this is the end, you know,” said Poghosyan.

“They changed our banner, our administration gave up. There’s nothing more to it. No Armenian will be left here inside perhaps fourteen days greatest, I think.”

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